Risk Warning: Financial trading in a leveraged product may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Leveraged trading is not suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved prior to trading.

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Online Trading Commissions

We understand that everyone needs a different level of service and we acknowledge that the commission charged can determine whether a trading strategy is profitable or not.

We work with all our clients to find a competitive, fair commission structure. Commissions are charged at a fixed rate per lot per side for execution and clearing, exchange fees are charged separately.

Please contact us for more details regarding our commission rates

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How Berkeley Can Reduce Your Trading Costs on the LME

Know Your Clients

Berkeley will make sure your trading commission suits your volumes levels online or over phone. There are no Commission Rate Schedules.

Service Levels

Berkeley will make sure your commission suits your service level requirements.


Berkeley know that client trading strategies and volumes can change and commissions can have a huge effect on the overall trading performance so we are happy to offer sliding scale commissions.

Exchange Fee Reductions

Berkeley will find out if you should be on one of the LME Reduced Fee Programmes such as the Liquidity Roadmap, the New Market Participants Programme or the Electronic Trader Programme.

Hidden Costs

Berkeley has access to fellow LME members and are able to get competitive pricing on your 3 month to prompt date adjustments. This is a hidden cost which can be substantial and as an independent broker with no proprietary trading it is in our interest to get you the best price.


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