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LME Official Prices


The LME publishes a variety of prices covering all contracts traded on the Exchange. These prices are used by industrial and financial participants as a reference for hedging, physical settlement, contract negotiations, margining and portfolio evaluations.

Each of the reference prices published by the Exchange is derived directly from trading and provide transparent pricing for the global metals market.

What is the LME Official Price and how is it calculated?

The LME Official Price is the last bid and offer price quoted during the second Ring session and the LME Official Settlement Price is the last cash offer price.

What is the LME Unofficial Price and how is it calculated?

The LME Unofficial Price is the last bid and offer quoted during the fourth Ring.

What is the LME Closing Price and how is it calculated?

The LME Closing Price (also known as the Evening Evaluation) is determined by the LME Quotations Committee with regard to the close of open-outcry (Kerb) trading on the Ring as well as trades, bids and offers (including indicative bids and offers) transacted throughout the whole day.


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