Risk Warning: Financial trading in a leveraged product may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Leveraged trading is not suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved prior to trading.

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Phone Broking

For LME trading it sometimes desirable and more cost effective to deal with a specialist desk which has access to liquidity providers.

At Berkeley our desk uses both telephone dealing and instant message dealing to keep in constant contact with our clients. Our dealers inform clients of trading opportunities, market movements and order flow throughout the day. We also offer access to execute trades based on ring closing prices and evening valuations.

A Guide to Trading LME

LME Ring


 LME Carry Trading

Our LME desk specialises in competitive pricing, sources the best rates from a multitude of liquidity providers. Our focus is to try and identify whose trading book the carry would suit. Berkeley trade on a matched principal basis and do not take proprietary positions. Therefore we are able to work with clients to achieve the best available rates. Clients can also trade broken dated outrights, differential price orders, day orders and GTCs.

For those clients wishing to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between different exchanges we can provide daily indications on particular carries. We will watch these carries closely notifying clients of potential chances to trade or any price movements that may be significant.

Carry Trading

LME Options

We are a specialist options provider on most LME metals offering very keen pricing on both writing and buying options. Berkeley can provide tight bid/offer spreads which are sourced from a number of providers.

We can manage orders both good for the day and GTC on any size of options. We can also offer additional services of running standardized portfolio analysis of risk (SPAN) margin scenarios which provide better information on funds to support any position before a trade is executed. Clients can be made fully aware of margin requirements, helping to improve cash flow management.

Option  Trading

5 Benefits Berkeleys LME Traders Receive

Berkeley’s LME Desk is a specialist LME desk with brokers dedicated to all aspects of metals trading and can provide expert opinion on trading and hedging strategies.

Berkeley’s LME desk can communicate with you by Instant Messenger, email and the telephone.

Berkeley’s LME desk does not take proprietary positions and is 100% dedicated to getting you the best price from a multitude of liquidity providers.

Berkeley’s LME desk will monitor market moves for clients if requested and inform them of any significant price moves or arbitrage opportunities.

Berkeley’s LME desk are a specialist LME option provider and pride themselves on providing excellent pricing on both writing and buying options.