Risk Warning: Financial trading in a leveraged product may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Leveraged trading is not suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved prior to trading.

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Can I deal both online and over the phone?
Clients can deal via the phone to Berkeley Metals Desk or online using a PC or mobile App. Many traders take outright positions online and then use our Metals Desk to get the best possible roll rate in order to match prompt dates.


If I trade over the phone will the trades immediately appear on my online platform?
The dealing desk can place orders on your on-line platform for you as long as you confirm your account code and state that you have an on-line platform


Who is liable if I exceed the LME Trade to Order policy?
The exchange would levy a fine onto Berkeley’s clearer which in this instance is Macquarie Bank and this would be passed onto the underlying customer.


Can I offset a credit margin in one exchange with debit margin in another?
Forward LME profits can only be used at Berkeley to take on additional exposures on the LME. A forward profit will enhance account values which may create greater free equity which can be used to support margins on other exchanges.


What trading support can I expect from Berkeley?
Berkeley will support your trading whether you trade on-line or via telephone. If you tell us what service you are looking for we will let you know if we can provide it. For example, customers can give us remit to tidy up their open positions to avoid a situation of taking delivery or making delivery of metals. Or we can discuss your hedging requirements to ensure the maximum protection is achieved over the right time periods.


Can an offshore company open an account?
Depending on the jurisdiction, this should be possible, please contact our dealing desk on 00 44 (0) 277 758 4777.


Can I use my SIPP to do my trading?
Certain SIPP providers do allow the trading in derivatives. Please contact the dealing desk for a list of SIPPs.


Apart from the LME which other products can I trade with Berkeley Futures?
You can trade Futures, FX, CFDs (Contracts for Differences) and Options.


If I trade on multiple exchanges with Berkeley Futures is there a margin offset?
Margin offsets between two different exchanges are not usually available. Berkeley, subject to credit approval, can provide margin offset if you are trading Comex copper against LME copper in offsettable ratios. Please contact the dealing desk for more information on this.


Is my account at Berkeley Futures fully segregated?
If you are trading in exchange listed products then your funds are segregated from the company’s funds. If you are trading in FX or other products where segregation is not provided to Berkeley then these funds will be held in a non segregated account.*


Does ‘best execution’ apply on the LME trading?
Berkeley provides ‘Best Execution’ on all LME trading whether DMA or via telephone.


What happens if I fail to close out a metal futures contract?
We would endeavour to inform you before such a situation were to occur. However it is a deliverable contact and this would be your obligation to the market.


What are the margins for LME?
LME margins vary per contract. Attached is a link to the most recent margin requirements.

*Professional and Eligible Counterparties only.

8 Good Reasons Traders Use Berkeley For Trading On The LME

Online or Phone Trading

LME access via all leading trading platforms including cost free access to our LME dealing desk which will use multiple sources to obtain the best rates for trading carries or broken dates. For more information Contact us.

Mobile Trading Application

LME execution via all the leading trading platforms and/or mobile trading for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For a free demo click here.

Margin Finance for LME Arbitrage Traders

For LME/CME Copper arbitrage we offer margin financing from just 13% of the total initial margin. Berkeley also understands the need for speed of execution across multiple exchanges as well as the ability to immediately hedge any currency risk requirements. This is essential for successful arbitrage trading. For more information Contact us.


As a category 4 member, we can trade freely with any other member which provides clients with access to a deep liquidity pool. This liquidity is sourced across several market makers as opposed to trading solely with a single provider.

LME Options

Berkeley offer very keen pricing on both buying or writing of options due to our ability to independently source pricing from multiple providers. In addition we can run standardized portfolio analysis of risk (SPAN) margin scenarios to optimize funding requirements. For more information Contact us.

Clearing Give-In and Give-Up Services Available

Flexible clearing arrangements are offered across major exchanges whether give-in or give-up services are required.

Segregated LME Accounts

As a firm, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we segregate all client money held for the purposes of trading LME products and other listed derivatives from company funds.

Currency Denominations

LME contracts can be denominated in Euro, GBP, JPY as well as USD.