Risk Warning: Financial trading in a leveraged product may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Leveraged trading is not suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved prior to trading.

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LME Trading Times

 Trading times and dates (All London time)

LMEselect 01:00 – 19:00
LMEprecious 01:00 – 20:00
Ring Trading 11:40 – 17:00

Ring Trading Times

First session (UK)

Steel Billet 11:40-11:45
Aluminium Alloy and NASAAC 11:45-11:50
Tin 11:50-11:55
Primary Aluminium 11:55-12:00
Copper 12:00-12:05
Lead 12:05-12:10
Zinc 12:10-12:15
Nickel 12:15-12:20
Cobalt and Molybdenum 12:20-12:25
Trading interval   12:25-12:30
Copper 12:30-12:35
Aluminium Alloy and NASAAC 12:35-12:40
Tin 12:40-12:45
Lead 12:45-12:50
Zinc 12:50-12:55
Primary Aluminium 12:55-13:00
Nickel 13:00-13:05
Aluminium Premiums 13:05-13:10
Steel Billet 13:10 -13.15
Trading interval 13:15-13:25
Kerb Trading 13:25-13:35
Trading interval 13:35-14:55

Second session (UK)


Aluminium Alloy Alloy and NASAAC 14:55-15:00
Lead 15:00-15:05
Zinc 15:05-15:10
Copper 15:10-15:15
Primary Aluminium 15:15-15:20
Tin 15:20-15:25
Nickel 15:25-15:30
Trading Interval 15:30-15:40
Lead 15:40-15:45
Zinc 15:45-15:50
Copper 15:50-15:55
Primary Aluminium 15:55-16:00
Tin 16:00-16:05
Nickel 16:05-16:10
Aluminium alloy and NASAAC 16:10-16:15


16.25 – Tin ceases trading
16.30 – Tin ceases trading
16.35 – Lead and Steel Billet cease trading
16.40 – Cobalt and Molybdenum cease trading
16.45 – Primary Aluminium ceases trading
16.50 – Aluminium Premiums, Aluminium Alloy and NASAAC cease trading
16.55 – Copper ceases trading
17.00 – Nickel ceases trading

An LME Trading Calendar is available from the LME web site

The Pros & Cons of Trading During the Ring Sessions

The Pro's

The Ring provides the most transparent and credible global reference pricing for the metals industry worldwide.

Dealing with Ring members allows for market colour and visibility of order flow which can help with market direction.

The highest trading volumes in the 5 minute Ring times for each metal means execution of large orders can be absorbed by the market without affecting the price significantly and with anonymity.

Find out if you should be trading in the ring

The Con's

The costs of dealing in the Rings can vary and may be higher than electronic execution.

Speed of execution is considerably slower due to the number of processes involved in executing an order.

Increased chance of there being an error in the transaction due to the human involvement in the execution process.